Our Story

County Armagh – based Chapman’s Farm Fresh didn’t exist in 1959 

when Thomas Chapman purchased their prominent roadside site. 

While Thomas had previously established a successful car and commercial business the family heritage had always been in agriculture. Thomas married Phyllis in 1959 and then in the intervening years along came three boys who had farming in their blood. 

In the summer of 1981 a trolley made by Thomas was placed on the side of the road with three items for sale, Local Strawberries, County Armagh Bramley Cooking Apples and Local Bunches of Carrots. This was to be the beginning of the Chapmans Farm Fresh brand that we see today. 

By the end of that summer Thomas realised that this was not just going to be a summer shop so he designed the first shop on wheels brought in and out each day by the old Ford Tractor. 

Our long standing customers now for nearly 40 years will remember going into the shop and being greeted by Phyllis who spent many years working in the shop and building long standing relationships with the customers.

The three boys Graham, Gregg and Brian took leading roles in this new ever expanding business. The business continued to thrive and expand and soon out grew the little mobile shop on wheels, then along came three portacabins, each one bigger each time.

Towards the end of the 1990’s planning permission was sought to build the current shop, planning came through in early January 2001 and construction commenced. The new shop was opened in June 2001.

One of the many highlights must be in 2002 and indeed in 2003 the company won the national award of Independent Fresh Produce Retailer for the Year for all of the UK. Business continued to expand and in 2011 Chapmans Bakery, a bakery / kitchen was established solely for the purpose to create, make, bake great mouth watering products. This was achieved which has resulted in the business receiving many awards including no less than 44 Gold Great Taste awards in London.  

After many years of consideration it was decided to add on a Coffee Shop / Restaurant. Work commenced in January 2019 and to great delight from our customers the Little Gem Coffee Shop was established in July 2019.